• Professional liability and errors and omissions
  • PEO licensing, complaints and discipline
  • Contract review, drafting and negotiation
  • Construction liens, trust claims and collections
  • Collections and breach of contract
  • Ontario Health & Safety Act complaints
  • Human resource advice and representation

Corestone Law (“Corestone”) is the preferred legal partner for the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (“OSPE”). In this role, Corestone promptly responds to all legal inquires by members and provides relevant and up-to-date information on legal issues affecting the engineering community in OSPE’s Voice magazine.

Corestone is also the preferred legal counsel for claims made under the Professional Liability Insurance Program. If a complaint or claim is made against you and it triggers coverage under your insurance policy, Corestone will be appointed as legal counsel to represent your interests. Given that your services must have fallen below the reasonable standard of care required by the engineering industry for professional negligence to be established, it is imperative that your lawyer understand the engineering industry, standards and practices. Corestone prides itself in having a legal focus in professional negligence and providing specialized legal service to engineers.

As OSPE’s legal partner, Corestone is pleased to offer free legal advice to all members. This service includes a free 30-minute telephone meeting with an experienced lawyer. If you have a question regarding a potential claim, you are encouraged to contact Corestone for expert advice. In addition, the program allows members to ask questions on all types of practice related questions. OSPE members are able to ask questions related to, but not limited to, the following:

  • Professional obligations
  • Ethical obligations
  • Professional misconduct
  • Legal liability
  • Inquiries from the Professional Engineers Ontario (“PEO”)
  • Disciplinary matters and procedures
  • The Professional Engineers Act and related regulations
  • The Ontario Health and Safety Act
  • Contract negotiation, interpretation and enforceability
  • Fee disputes and recovering unpaid accounts
  • Human resources and employment
  • General legal procedures in Ontario
  • Responding to requests for information from third parties
  • Responding to subpoenas

Legal rights are dependent on a multitude of variables. For valuable legal advice, it is important that you provide accurate and complete information to the lawyer.

If you have a potential claim or practice related question, please contact 1-855-206-2689 or email ospe@corestone.ca. In your voice message or email, please provide detailed information including: name, telephone number and a brief summary of your issue or question. Corestone will get in touch with you on a priority basis within 24 hours.