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Navigating Construction Season: Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

Intro Spring is finally here and as many Canadians know, this means it is the beginning of construction season. Cities start fixing up roads, and property […]

Reduce Your Risk of Frivolous Claims

In today’s dynamic business environment, engineering firms face the constant threat of legal claims, even in the absence of any wrongdoing. These claims can be not […]

Contracts: How to Manage Project Changes

  In the dynamic landscape of construction projects, changes to contracts are not uncommon. Whether it’s adjusting project scope, dealing with unforeseen issues, or proposing modifications […]

Navigating Change in 2024: Legal Updates in Construction & Property Law

  In the ever-evolving legal landscape, 2024 brings forth pivotal changes set to impact the realms of construction, property, and labour. As we step into this […]


  Written by Harp Khukh, Corestone Law ***This article was originally written for the Voice Magazine for Ontario Society of Professional Engineers June 2020 issue***  New […]

How to Manage Delays in Construction Projects as an Owner or a Contractor

  Whether you are renovating the basement of a residential home or building a high-rise condominium, one of the most important factors for a successful construction […]

Navigating Small Claims Court in Construction Disputes: Five Major Steps to Resolution

When disputes arise in the construction industry, pursuing legal recourse through Small Claims Court becomes a crucial step toward resolving conflicts. Whether you are an engineer, […]

The New CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract – What You Need To Know!

By Shiksha Puri and Harp Khukh In December 2020, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (“CCDC”) introduced an updated version to the CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract […]

Why the Adjudication Process Might Be Right For You     

  In 2018, the old Construction Lien Act was substantially amended and renamed the Construction Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.30. (the “Act”). On October 1, 2019, […]

What Construction Lawyers Do And When You Need One

There are many circumstances in which companies, property owners or individuals in the construction industry would require the help of legal counsel. Construction lawyers are well […]

What You Should Know About Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court is a less formal court in Ontario which allows you to sue a person or business for money owed to you in the […]

Found Defects In Your New Resale Home? Know Your Rights

When purchasing a resale home—a home that was previously owned—you should have basic knowledge of legal remedies that may be available should you discover defects in […]

Prompt Payment and Adjudication in the Construction Lien Act

The Construction Lien Act was significantly updated and renamed the Construction Act. The changes were implemented in two phases. Phase one was implemented on July 1, 2018 and updated many […]

A Construction Lien Primer: 8 Fundamental Questions Answered

The world of building and renovations usually involves many different players including: owners, developers, builders, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, labourers and material suppliers. With so many […]

How To Get The Most From Your Commercial Lease

Introduction If you are a business owner who requires a physical location for your operations, you will either need to purchase a space, or more likely, […]

Are Engineering Estimates Binding?

It is common practice for potential clients to request an estimate of fees for engineering services. An estimate allows clients to appropriately plan and budget based […]

Engineering Experts: You Are Not A Hired Gun

If a lawsuit involves issues that require specialized knowledge, an expert is hired to assess the issue, prepare a report and, possibly, provide testimony at trial. […]

Engineers: The Unique Professional Corporation

As the official legal partner for the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, we receive various inquiries from members. Our most frequently asked question is whether there […]

Case Comment – One-Way Drywall Inc. V Lomax Management Inc.: Respect The Breach Of Trust Claim

Part II of the Construction Lien Act, R.S.O. 1990, c C.30 (“CLA”), sets out the trust provisions and breach of trust claim, which is often overlooked. […]